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ImageIf you prepare some hot chocolate or nesquik – add some marshmallow and let it melt, dipping strawberries  in that stuff is sooooo goddamn delicious! 

Recently, i started realizing i have less than 2 months left in this place. Well, i can’t say St. Petersburg has become my love, not really, but still i have been enjoying a year here so much that it’s gonna be very hard to leave not knowing when i’m coming back… I have found something new here, we know what and who i’m talking about. Of course, there were losses as well – i don’t have that number of friends i used to have, but it’s a good thing, i guess. Those who are true are still here and i’m not worried about losing them. Natural selection occurs anywhere as time flies, and getting rid of loving and valuing some people ought to make it easier for me to move on. And as there is now some free space in my heart – well, i hope there are people who imma meet soon in new places, for whom my heart is ready now! I actually agree that i have become way to close to meeting new people and being willing to get to know them closer – i was feeling like i had enough of everything like love, friendship and support around me, – and now, as there have happened some castling, i hope that’s a sign for something new upcoming!

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