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Spring pastime

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Well, i can’t say i have been feeling spring that much, it is still windy and it was raining for several days, but nevertheless i would say it has got better in comparison to what we had. Feeling jealous to those who leave in normal climate and don’t have to deal with that sucky one of St. Petersburg, i still enjoy the view outside with small green spots appearing ImageAbout what we’ve been up to:

Our guests-arriving-season is still on and we had Dasha Sepanova over last week, that was cool! Love her and Anya so much, it’s nice to see they haven’t changed and still pick on each other really hard! We had fun ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAfter a day of walking around and enjoying sunny weather, even sailing again and having a nice dinner and digestives in the bar, we left for Anya’s new apartment which is very cool! Picked up a lot of food to have a fun night, of course

The best of Anya’s home – her cat Maximus ❤ ImageImageHe’s just amazing! So was our night ImageImageI guess we even met the sunrise – nights in spb have become so short! ImageThe happiest morning that could follow a drinking night ImageIt’s so nice when you can sit outside omg, have already forgot this feeling ImageWe finally left the city for this weekend, how great was that! ImageA silent place 90 km away, a clear lake, endless fields and a looooot of food! Fresh heated meat, breakfasts from 5 dishes, alcohol and pizza in the bed – a dream!ImageImagemodelingImageno-make-up-happinessImagelooks like tlt-suburbs so muchImageImageBlueberry pople cocktail ImageThe best weekend ever! And luckily i was far away from my so-called friends not to see some shit, so now i’m feeling better and better, ready for changes and nice weather!

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