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Here comes more of what’s been going on as spring weather has eventually visited St. Petersburg.

Etagi, which has become one of my favorite places here, met us with a dinner, great hotdogs and just the greatest dessert ever! And it already feels that we gonna watch the white nights so soon! A great night ended up with some walking around, nice to see so many people outside even on late hours – gives even stronger feeling that summer is almost here 

The other night we had Alina over which hadn’t happened for a while! as a b-day present i got a very cool game which is kinda like crocodile but much more complicated and fun, so we had a great one with a dinner and a lot of playing

Another great event was the cake that i managed to cook(will tell about it later, promise) 

Me and love can finally get outside for our walks for which i had been waiting for the whole cold season That drinking evening later turned into a drinking night (we even had beer and shaverma – my dream of all times!)

I have also found another place which is worth visiting – a Svelto cafe – a small cozy restaurant with very delicious Italian dishes – their tagliatelle are just amazing! so are their desserts – a hot chocolate-pear cake with pistachios ice-cream that i tasted was one of the best sweet things i ever tried for sure.

The last event i can remember was a party from Viva Nights which is considered to be the best club project in spb for now. Well, we would agree with that.

The party followed our preparty as usual – has already become sucha routine, honestly Oh, we have invented a new cocktail, imma describe it later as well, just saying it works lol  Then, being very concerned about goddamn bridges, we quickly left for the party itself Our absolute favorite, DJ Finn, made the night as usual We danced alot and even met Liza who begged not to show her pics to anyone haha, okay then. Well after that we sucked – being sure that the navigation had already started,  we left earlier to run and be on time for that so-called interim-bridges-come-togehter or whatever, we walked to another island being sure that nobody would give us a ride cuz there was just no way they could get back to their shore – and saw that all of those frickin bridges were down! so we made a huuuuuge circle to get to our shore before we stopped a car, ugh! A good thing that the weather was okay, so our walk had some pleasure in it i would say – it was just like in september, when we had just moved here… Gorgeous Saint-Petersburg, we are in love with you So that’s it for now, i am already getting excited about some trips that i hope are ahead!

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