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Imma start again, with the shoots from our saturday party – SKAZKA

getting ready was already fun, well we love freak parties, don’t we made sure we looked freaky enough 

i looked like Anubis a lil bitThe theme of the party is animals as you could guess. Liked a lot that most of the people were wearing masks indeed, and at the beginning even the music with some die antwoord mixes was okay which hadn’t been a common thing recently! So i’m glad we went, even though it all ended up as a huuuge mess up, who cares as long as we had some fun I found out that drinking much less doesn’t keep me away from going crazy, like crazy in a bad way! A huge fight convinced me that we should go back to the ordinary lifestyle asap!

Now that’s just about another routine week that i still want to remember so much, as any of those that are left for me in Spb… The weather is horrible, changing every 20 minutes from sun and heat to a snowstorm, so sitting smwhere in a cozy bar all days and nights long might be the best idea Jager Haus has become my favourite place, only this week i went there 3 times and i loved all of them – no matter if it’s morning or if the moon is shining outside, this bar will also share its warm drinking atmosphere and delicious food with everybody, becoming just a great place to sit at and have a talk or a fatty amazing lunch 

even though sometimes it might seem we spend too much time together, recently such term as “too much time” had stopped existing for me, honestly. Always seems to me i have so little left, no matter who i am talking about – this can be said about pretty much anybody and anything – not enough time to get tired from what i have now, and never would be!

Well, getting away from all the sad thoughts: Katya spend really good time with us! lots of walking(finally! w/o guests we don’t really go out during the daytime alot, so thanks to everybody who comes to visit us!), the last evening together turned out into drinking in the bar which we had missed, even though we don’t drink haha Saying goodbye was again a sad moment, we were almost late so we had to run to the train station not to let her leave w/o our hugs, awww, Alina even cried really hard which made me imagine how imma leave, again, so i get all dull and annoyed really often, hope it’s gonna get better!

Time flies really fast i must admit! But we have weekends ahead, as i have already said, this is just the beginning of the post, ttys!

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