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the last drinking weekend for now

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I’ve decided to give up drinking for a while, until my B-day at least, so this weekend just had to be a party one.

Friday(the 16th) was a tiring day with a lot of studies, but when i figured out there was no way i could suffer there until 8 p.m., i left to go to practice again. The week was very productive btw – fitness every day, i’m already feeling more healthy and don’t die after having walked up to the 2nd floor!  Anyway, we started our fun with a homemade dinner – gosh, that turkey was amazing, it seems like i’ve learned how to cook finally!

Ira joined us so did some alcohol why so serious?!

I’m really glad i didn’t drink alot cuz my Saturday was supposed to be even worse haha, so some vodka was enough to leave for a party: we found out that DJ Finn who we like a lot was playing at some party organized by Viva Nights, so we took a car to get to the Dusche club  – a small place which looks like lots of those tiny clubs @Konushennaya square or Ligovskiy’50. The party started really good cuz Finn was playing when we arrived yes we did take pics with him, facepalm! damn, wtf is wrong!

When DJ Finn was replaced by some other DJ, a party quickly turned into something only complete hipsters would love – monotonous and waaaay too fashionable tracks during which i have no idea how all those guys in suits and loffers manage to produce some kind of dance, even more jogtrot than the music!..So, we left home to have some more fun talking, finishing all the food we had and laughing at Spirko 

Saturday(the17th) started with a very heroic action – we really did wake up and go to the PE class! That was weird… Then some cooking and cleaning up before my sweetheart came over to spend a day together. We decided we needed to go to some peasant places and get drunk just like in the old times. So our evening started at SPB bar with some beer and greasy meat, that was amazing! Wanted to do that for such a long time! Later at night we moved to Kontakt bar  and our drinking night was surely turning into something indecent! A lot of Blue Lagoon and then several vodka-shots completed the scene! (Oh, and my drunk brain even allowed myself to eat a lot of cheese sticks!)  Barely have we got home…

Sunday(the18th) started with something that always keeps a drinker alive in the morning – a fatty breakfast and beer! That had been helping me out so much this weekend! a day in the bed was followed by another amazing achievement – attending gym! i love myself and don’t even care about all the amount of alcohol and food that i have consumed this weekend – anyway it was a great one!

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