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a party/concert weekend (MISFITS!)

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Friday(the 2nd of March btw – hello, spring!) began as a quite day: university, the classes got cancelled (as every time when i try to attend!), then some cleaning up and waiting for Dani to come over and try my salad Later in the evening Ira came over to get ready for a night out That night we went to a really nice bar named 22.13 ( – a great place with an amazing atmosphere of a european drinking party: mostly foreigners, all relaxed and joking around, kinda slow but very friendly staff, excellently-mixed cocktails and – finally! – we found a restaurant with good music! Spent amazing hours there As soon as the next day begun, we felt like dancing, so we moved to Liteiniy and had another embarrassing time @ Coyote Ugly – the place where you should come when you’re already drunk more than enough! But anyway, we had fun! Happy weekend!

Saturday(the 3rd) morning was hard so we stayed home. There were no good parties that day and, looking forward to the MIsfits concert, we decided to give our liver some rest.

I came over to Dani’s and got a perfect medicine against hangover! – , thanx!

Evening had brought even more yummy homemade food to my life – brownies! 

Sunday(the 4th) was great as well! lunch and a short walk around with the sweetheart

then coming home, ugh, drinking vodka with Spirko and – The Misfits concert! There’s just no way to describe the atmosphere! Like the joy of 1000+ concerts of that kind as the ones @Generator in out childhood, plus the audience, even though they were the weirdest and the coolest punks ever, was polite and just enjoyed the concert – rarely can smbd from Tlt imagine that! A guy who just ran up to me, said “I’m very sorry!” and the next second drank half of my drink just made my night! When they started playing “Helena” and then “Die die my darling” people were just going crazy, i loved it so much! Why couldn’t we be born smwhere in London like 20 years ago?!

We even managed to get Dez Cadena’s signatures and not get killed! Hell yes, we love living in Spb!

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