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Had a nice day with my girls! Haven’t seen Jane Fire for a while so we decided to meet at Baklajan, Ginza project (

A nice place with great interior, a lot of vessels of all kinds all around you draw your attention to their brightness and various shapes. Very cozy and comfortable seats and a great eastern cuisine   Samsa with chicken

Eggplants/”baklajans” with cheese   

Uzbek pilaf 

Gluckwein with cinnamon

 An excellent service helps to maintain the needed in a place like that atmosphere So yeah, we had fun, as always when we get together Then some shopping

Jane loves us <3!

I just gave myself some joy buying a looot of ingredients for amazing dishes, and some lush of course Strawberry Picnic set which consists of Grass shower gel, Sugar Babe scrub, Summer Pudding soap and a Strawberry Feel massage bar.

A great day ended up with a complete break-down in our sewerage and cooking something unusual: a soup from cheese and mushrooms Well, i again found out that cheese can save any weird dish!

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