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Happy almost New Year with Alina

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Sunday for me began with running around town and getting last presents…It was really warm and sunny so that spb really did look like Europe, made me feel sick without travelling and snowboarding season, can’t wait!

The evening was greatly spent on drinking with Alina!

at first, of course – presents!Alina got a ‘piztedz’ calendar and lemon marmelades from Lebedev’s studio

I got cute earrings from Alina, clipping stuff which i needed so much and a book on photography from Spirko – i guess there’s something imma read instead of books on sociology haha

Spirko’s t-shirt FOREVER ALONE was just the best thing one could think of! i love Alina! now it’s Spirko’s new evening dress for any occasion! I gave her lush soap, a book on famous French artists which i knew she wanted, and the thing that was sooo goddamn hard to find – a flask… Btw, happy almost Birthday, Spirko! we decided to exchange presents here in spb not to carry everything home, not too romantic but convenient anyway

Well, drinking time! and dancing time as wellthere was snow in spb for like..2 hours, so we played snowballs at homeand some drunk trash and lush commercials followedin the morning Alina left HNY congrats for us, aww


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