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merry Catholic Xmas

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My Saturday morning began with saying Merry Xmas Eve to the girls and going to Dani’s new apartment where i had a pleasant breakfast of gluckwein and bonsThen Dani started cooking something and i fell asleepI had a great dream about food which came true later in the evening…and when i woke up – it was time to exchange presentsI gave Dani some lush and some stuff for his new house(candles, frames, jam, etc.), however he liked that book and condomholder the most haha

I got aloooottttt of lush and a Moleskine Travel Journal for which i had been looking for a while, awww <333

Christmas dinner time!and of course fur-tree decorations! i finally had mine of this yearThen our xmas tree fell down on my head…and after fixing everything we could enjoy an amazing chocolate cake by DaniThe best Xmas eve ever i would say… so glad we finally spent an evening together

Xmas morning was great as well – spb has eventually seen some sun!

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