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X-mas mood with Jane Fire

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We have already had our first Christmas-ish evening – at Jane Fire’s: as we won’t see her for quite a while, we decided our girls’ drinking crew needed a dinner together to exchange presents and be like “aww girly i luuuuv u!”

Well of course we started with presents, not food or alcohol 

Jane got some lush, l’occitaine, xmas tree decorations and other stuff from us(imma write about all the presents later, when everything reaches it’s destination)

Spirko got a rare book on surrealism of which she had dreamt, and as for me – i am very happy with my Pandora ring! Jane, i love you!

Then – an amazing dinner from Jane and some Glühwein von unsJane’s apartment gave us just the right feeling of the winter holidays coming, and well, drunk girls are always funSo that’s how the holidays of 2011-2012 have begun.

Happy Catholic Christmas everybody, btw!

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