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Another week is almost over…don’t really feel like telling about Monday-Thursday cuz nothing special was going on: some studying, some cooking, routine and fighting bureaucracy again (my goddamn bank, then local hospitals, getting papers for pension and visa bla bla bla); my allergies only got worse; we have started looking for New Year presents…

Winter holidays are coming and there are already sparkling decorations everywhere, but no feeling of Christmas at all, thanks to the weather – it’s about 5-8 above zero and it’s raining all the time! ewwww

Anyway, Friday(25th) turned out to be much more fun! The day began with Dani knocking on our door and waking us up, i got mad and fell asleep again and Spirko left for the university…then something really weird happened – i did the greatest cleaning-up ever! it’s like…the cleanest place ever now!

At night – Jane Fire’s Mexico party hell yeahhhh! She cooked some amazing mexican food for the guestsand we got to meet her friends who really are fun!we drank alottttttand i absolutely love when Jane gets drunk, it’s always the cutest scene one can imagine!she even danced Macarena for usThanks for this great party, Jane, her apartment, friends and tequila!

 Saturday(26th) was a day of sleep, cooking ham, doing i don’t remember what… We were supposed to go to Aurora with Ira and her friends but it all didn’t work out as usual sooo the evening was about to be ruined when i asked Alina if she wanted to drink a little bit…for what i love Alina is that there is no “let me think”s, if she’s not really busy, she’s always a yes man! Even though she had to work the next day (she absolutely loves her job @ Lush, so glad for her!), in about an hour she was here and it was a great night of singing songs from our childhood (like Distemper, 1,5 kg, Skalpel and even worse haha) and remembering all the good times…i realized that we had always had sooo much fun! Hope in several years the times we are having now will give us such good memories like the one’s from that night!

In the morning Andrey joined us, we had dinner-breakfast and were surprised by how great the meat tasted…

Sunday(27th)  – a huuuge amount of food cooked during the whole day, a nice evening in Coffeshop Company, a great walk around, lots of talking. It’s almost December and it’s 11 degrees now. Magnificent.

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