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“A night to remember! – Yeah the best party everrrr! – Hey guys it must already be 6 in the morning!”

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A short summary of our weekend. Can’t say it was the best one, but isn’t a good company everything one needs to feel sufficient? That’s what i deff had during the whole weekend, so even though we weren’t very lucky at finding good parties, my mood has been on a high level until the very beginning of the next week.

On Friday(18th) i became sooo tired from our bad luck that i decided cooking anything at home would bring us nothing but fire or flooding…and the power went off, so i hit up Jane Fire to meet at a very nice place – Ginza’s Sharlotcafe. A cozy small restaurant with simple but delicious enough food and a very relaxed atmosphere. a view of Kazanskiy and a broad choice of cocktails and their modifications (i.e. after my Pina Colada i had another one with raspberries and Jane had chosen her favourite Cosmopolitan and then Cosmos, which looks exactly the same but has a different taste as well) left a very good impression on usmeals were also cooked very well, i don’t ever change my tastes, so i had my Spaghetti Carbonara and Chicken Sandwiches with an amazing sause that fit perfectly… or maybe i was just starving after 3 hungry days, thnx to my allergies!Spirko caught up with us a lil bit later and we had a great girls’ dinner that ended up with us getting just a little bit drunk  and throwing several trite jokesSo far, Sharlotcafe presented us a perfect beginning of the Friday night.. maybe it was just too perfect, bcuz our dinner turned out to be the peak of fun, the rest of the night wasn’t as good…

But anyway, on the way home we picked up some vodka and liqueur to make The White Russian cocktail at homeThen Jane feel asleep and i decided to rape her<333getting ready a little…a very little i must say, we weren’t half as gorgeous as usual lolDurning the night we visited couple bars, but didn’t run into anything amazing, it wasn’t our night for sure…so at the end we just took a walk from Italyanskaya to Konushennaya, didn’t find anything special, went to Dumskaya, walked along Nevskiy and that was it for the night

on Saturday(19th) skipping just everything we had to do felt amazing! In beds intil 5-6 p.m. and then the closest decision for the evening – Etazhi. i hadn’t been there before so i was really surprised by the atmosphere that felt really unique. The view on the painted house was spectacular as well. Some really good wine and a great talk made my nightSome vodka and Kent on our kitchen (awful!) later at night, lots of laughs and long sincere conversations made me stay in bed for pretty much the whole Sunday(20th):

I cooked a great Cezar salad with garlic toasts and that was it

On Monday(21st) Saint-Petersburg finally got few snowflakes The first snowfall didn’t last of course, but i finally got a feeling of the upcoming holidays and a snowboarding season for which i can’t wait!

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