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always nice to meet old friends

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Friday, the 4th was the day of hanging around getting some rest and doing pretty much nothing. From some of those goddamn apples we cooked an apple pie which was absolutely amazing with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Dani came over, helped us with the groceries and brought some beer and kroshka-kartoshka for me, love ❤ Then Alina came over and later we had our ordinary togliatti-party with songs of the 60s and a lot of drinking.   Saturday, the 5th: having slept until it got dark, we started doing what to do…all our friends were somehow busy but we still didn’t feel like spending the Saturday night at home so it was an absolute joy when i got Anna’s txt which said something like “Wanna meet up? imma bring vodka!” – she absolutely saved our night! A quick washing up not to feel very ashamed of our den, and here she came!with presents from Lush for us, aww i improvised some kind of dinner and sangria for us some taking girly pics as usual and then after couple hours of gossiping we went to our bar which is now considered to be favourateBy the time we were about to leave most of the people had already left either to have sex or to go to work…there was just another guy sleeping while the waiters were painting his face – i love Siniy Pushkin!

So a cold quick walk home through the most scary streets – and even there all the maniacs were sleeping or working in the offices already…Some more gossips about anything in our life – we so glad to see Anya!

Sunday, the 6th is a day of laying home and eating alot… Have just watched Armageddon, so i’m crying now and the yesterday’s bad news don’t make me feel any better… But anyway, thnx great weekend!

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