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я приду к тебе во сне, мон амур

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For the whole Monday, 31 I was dying. Woke up at about 2 p.m., felt like a hero when made myself come to the last class, that goddamn history. Was sitting starring at one point there, then came back home and went to bed immediately, how bad did I feel! Then Dani came over with some food and beer which brought me back to life..

We also got soooo many apples from Spirko’s family, no idea what to do with them!

Later in the evening Fire arrived from some disappointing FLEX event. She was holding a half of the chicken and a pack of ketchup, okaaaay then… Later at night I heard them singing something, then they broke into my room and started their rap about me, holy shit!

Hey, November!

Tuesday, the 1st began with a very hard morning! Fire woke up very early as usual, I admire her! We had our gym class and I’m actually surprised I showed up there! Was about to throw up so we escaped after about 20 minutes having signed in. Then the hardest part – we bought a printer, the heaviest printer everrrr! I felt like an arangutan after having carried it all the way home!

When we got back i fell asleep again and spent a great evening being alone home and lying in the bed with food and movies.

I had some bad dreams and was very frightened of the darkness and the clock which stopped when I was looking at it..ugh gotta get more sleep and worry less..and probably drink less!

Wednesday, the 2nd  was a day of getting enough sleep and then shopping  – at first we visited Alina who now works at Lush on Nevskiy <333

I absolutely love Nevskiy in the evening right after the workday when there are hundreds of people walking at you, their hurry and quick glances..

Then some pizza and Italian salads, met Dani and did some shopping in Galleria

love days like that!

Thursday, the 3rd  we were supposed to study quite a lot but it all ended up with sitting with stupid faces and sleeping during Baranoev’s class, starring with stupid face at Zorin, finding out we gonna have a math test soon, being like whaaaatever and going home. Our German class was cancelled so everything seemed to help us to get drunk!

Ira came over, we had some granitta cooked by Spirko from those apples that are everywhere!

some getting ready

And then – Sinii Pushkin!


A great, simply a great place, I haven’t loved any place in sbp that much yet! The atmosphere, the playlist and the coctails were just perfect!

can’t believe it’s only Friday today..the weekend is about to begin!

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