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education is the one from few things that people are willing to pay for and never get

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…it’s not my saying completely, it’s some guy’s from Harward, well i have changed it a lil bit cuz it can describe what we are doing..well we don’t pay for our education actually but anyway all the money we spend in spb go the hell knows where while we are sure we are getting some knowledge…the only person i really do admire in the university is our social studies history lecturer, professor Fetisov – the smartest and even wisest person i have never met in my life… can’t even describe how i feel while listening to him omg! he even remembers school program lyrics, and i feel so goddamn ashamed when smbdy from our group says something like “Martin Eden? oh that guy who sailed in the Atlantic ocean?”…ugh

but anyway, not talking about how useless i feel in SPBU

MONDAY was really busy – we decided to appear in the university at 9 o’clock, we seriously did manage to do that, after a sleepless sunday night that followed a sleepy sunday afternoon which followed a great saturday night…well that was hard! and it took us 5 minutes to get that IT theory wasn’t worth it and when we found out that our second period was cancelled at all we rapidly escaped from there, in 20 minutes we were standing in front of Stockmann getting ready for pre-bday shopping…it closed until 10 so we had a nice breakfast in the nearby coffeshop company…and then – 2 hours of thinking what to get for Anton..when the mission was accomplished and we were leaving the Gallery, we were running late already so thanks to some guy and his Mazda for giving us a ride back to Smolniy to have 2 awful periods of history!

But anyway, preparing presents for somebody is always so pleasant!after history where we persuaded there is no way to get more than 3 for the exam, we went back to stockmann to wrap the presents and get some food… we didn’t find brownie mix anywhere so our next destination was Babylon on Petrogradka, i took tha chance and visited my family, had dinner with sis and came home really late, exhausted

for pretty much the whole night i was cooking – bakes some pork, fried some pork and made pizzaa great way to cook steak not having the tools: use a knife, pretend you are a jedi to make meat more…soft..then take a bottle from the living room, hit the slice several times so that it becomes thin and juicy – here we go!

it was probably the busiest day since we had found an apartment, but some present for myself as weel made quite alright: some lush and Michael Kors shoes ❤

TUESDAY was a day of Birthdays: Anton, Nazar and Ksusha from our group…it all started with Anton of course – durong the first period the card for him was finished and we were waiting for him outside the university and he really didn’t expect us to remember about his B-day

his delight was precious

and him and Lera are so goddamn cute!

some pics of our groupoh and yesterday was also the sunniest and warmest day ever, hello good mood and lying on the grass!

WEDNESDAY (today) was just another university day with 2 periods of economics and professor Fetisov’s amazing lecture… and i keep practicing waking up in the morning and cooking breakfast, feels soo good! Between economics and social studies history we took a looong long walk around up to the Bolsheohtinskiy bridge where i tasted local cheburecks haha

Then a great dinner if sushi in some nice bar on Nevskiy, then had to go to Chkalovskaya to gove my passport away and sooo i’m home, tired and not ready for tomorrow’s seminar at all – well if we sleep longer and miss the sociology theory tomorrow i might read smthin in the morning…ehhh prolly not gonna happen!

It sucks i’m too tired and lazy to write down some thought that were born in my head after today’s lecture on mythology and religion…gotta go cook something before it’s 4 a.m.

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