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to make a wish upon a shooting star

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Goddamn, how great it is to live alone!  Well of course i’m way too lazy to cook for myself and i dont do the washing up very often… but still it’s so great when you dont feel ashamed while coming home in the morning drunk and waking up your parents!  When you can shower all night long and listen to music loud at 5 a.m. and when nobody knows hom much you drink and when you can dance around naked and sing aloud and eat at any time… ugh how great! i even feel like i’ve become not so scared of darkness…

but anyway, July is almost over, can’t believe that! New life is coming closer with each day – it’s both scary and exciting. Spirko is already sick of hearing about what we r gonna buy in IKEA as soon as we get out own place… Of course it’s gonna be so different in SPB…Much more walking, completely different time frames and tens of new people coming up… We gotta find new favorite places to eat, to go out and smoke in the evening and lots of other stuff thats gonna give us a feeling of new life… Living together is gonna be very hard but we gotta get used and fing compromises…So i’m already excited for all this to start!

the last week of July is on and we dont really have much to do…couple days ago i god a call from Saint Petersburgh University, i’m accepted, fuck yeah! now we don’t even have to fly there next week so we r waiting for Nina to come here and are gonna try to repeat New Year holidays all together!  so i celebrated my new status with some rolls and geting drunk in the evening, then we drove around the city for a bit and i learnt to drive a car with my left leg haha… met lots of ppl and almost made Novikova’s brain explode haha.. Mark was there as well and he didnt behave any better…

I also spent a nice evening with Ilysha in Port, love talking to him so much – how the hell does he take this all?! i’m way too talkative with him and he still loves me so much!

Yesterday me and Spirko came over to my mom’s, she’s so cool haha. And i love when Spirko remembers something and tweets it from my account

Then i saw Mark from the car again and spend several hours at home not going out so that there was less chance to meet him smwhere…later mt and Spirko we went out to walk around and patrol the area as we do every night haha, met Dani, Anton, Dbeater, Ilysha with his family, Pasha and Beken, laughed  with them and having nothing else to do, drove to Volna to see Rusakov, Lesha and Andrey, on the way back we stopped in the forest in complete darkness to watch shooting stars – yay!!! Our nice warm evening ended at Marina with some beer, German march and our stupid jokes…

So it’s the 27th, the day when everybody is gonna find out where they will study for the next 4-6 years…And ‘ya b pozhrala’ so i guess i gotta wake up Mayor Pain…

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