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“вы испорченное радио!” – “почему?” – “не выключишь потому что!” – Сантей.

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Don’t really remember what the hell we were doing 2 days ago after i got back to the city from my parents’… Being here is kinda annoying – heat, poor air conditioning anywhere, no swimming pool and a constant thought of what i have done and where we are now i.e. we’ve got so many friends in the city and there’re really just couple who we can call, that’s killing me… After that stupid fight with Mark for which i will never understand the reason,  it has become so dull. It’s not that we were together all the time and he was the only person we could have fun with, not at all, but still now i don’t feel like going out cuz there’s a chance of meeting him pretty much anywhere and that would be awful. What’s sad is that we didn’t take millions of pictures all together as we were going to and one more thing – no night picnic in Port =[ we really did want to do that, i wish people weren’t so much of assholes sometimes! I even start thinking that he better leave soon so that i finally realize that that’s it and there’s no more Mark in my life… I hope new life in SPB is gonna cure all this pretty fast

Soooo, yesterday morning i spent home cooking, bathing, cleaning up, eating what i have cooked etc. i love that Dani loves my carbonara!

Later on i picked up Spirko and we set off for hell knows what, spent an hour singing Leningrad and Gogol Bordello in a traffic jam, came up to Santei’s job in Planet M, he walked around with us, ate some pancakes, smoked and we talked about what’s going on for a bit – we really do love him so much, wish he didn’t have a jealous crazy gf and spent more time with us =[ gonna miss him sooooo much

So then we saw Dani, Nastya and Anton, then picked up Ira, got some wine and bacardi and started a relaxing evening…getting drunk, buying shaverma and peeing in public places – feels so usual already but still brings so much fun!

The rest of the evening seems hard to remember in details but after drunk driving Ira home we went back to mine so that Roma who we met could finally get his bag that he left almost a year ago and so that we could try the most delicious thing i have recently cooked – pork with cheese and garlic, yummy! having drank more, we continued out night walk, met Vova, Anya and Lesha <333 love them love them love them! a great night

fell asleep only at 5 am and had to wake up early to pick up mom, just cooked some more dishes and still lying in the bed when its 5 pm already, ugh… gotta wake up to see Ilusha

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