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hey Johnnie we’ve got a plan!

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it’s so goddamn boring in Sheremetievo airport so i keep writing about stuff that comes to my head so that i don’t fall asleep…there’s already 3 closed posts, one for everybody and one protected and as i don’t have any more global thoughts imma write a kind of a plan for the nearest future – the most stupid thing people ever do, thats true! but whatever, what if it once somehow helps me to remember what i was going for


– make brownies on my mom’s bday tomorrow

– learn to cook good healthy breakfasts as i promised Nina

– try again that ugly thing i ate yesterday – some kind of a baked sushi with something smelly and cheese on top of it – was amazing!

– dye hair!

– of course lose weight as i say everytime

– move out from my flat and give all extra stuff away to poor people

– learn how it is – to love together with other people, learn not to throw my shit everywhere, learnt that i really do need to do some cleaning stuff sometimes because there’s no maid in SPB

– wash a car at least once, just for interest

– give up smoking!!!

– say goodbye to Mark

– throw a goodbye party when we leave

– get drunk with Nina, Anton and Jane Fire again as soon as possible

– get accepted to everywhere where i had applied

– stop being what i was last week

– eat cinnabon with Dani

– read the history of the Romanovs

– be nice to Josh France who has recently told me he loved me

gonna go get smthng to eat, this shit above is to be continued

(hope not, wish i never got so bored again!)

and this guy to the left is annoying

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