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I know well that the June rains just fall

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So what’s been going on… Another B-day, now Ilysha’s – i absolutely love his birthdays! it’s always like you’ve seen a lil bit of hell

and i really do love him but people are greatly mistaking when talking shit as if there was something between us. listen. there isnt anything. we just love each other and that’s it

so the drinking day and night and day were great, we even dared to swim in Volga, holy shit!

What else…we’ve been drinking so much during last weeks so that i can’t even remember, that’s too bad

oh, Sadko party with the girls on Saturday, drunk driving again

Couple of evenings with Mark and even Santei, don’t really have much to tall about cuz it’s either too private either doesn’t matter that much…

Today the whole day was devoted to the Medalists’ Ball rehearsall, ugh, have to wake up soooo early tomorrow…

Don’t really know what to write about, so goddamn tired and have so much to do and so many questions that need the answers…i guess i’ll need a closed post tonight as soon as i come back from Spirko’s whose mom is helping me with the dress

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