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i actually am gorgeous

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like seriously

no matter how it sounds i feel so good now, even though i’ve been dumped by 3 guys yesterday haha

i’ve had a sleepless night, though over everything that had happened to me, i.e. breaking up with Dan, fighting with Mark, making myself miserable and being like “fuck this, let’s get drunk!” for the whole week (dunno how Spirko hasn’t killed me or herself yet!)

and today…

but who knows why, having got up today i looked goddamn gorgeous in spite of not having slept at all…i wrote social studies exam even though i hadn’t spent a single hour even trying to pretend like i was studying, and while walking back home because my car’s in service getting the battery fixed, i felt like the new whatever finally started for me…have no idea why i always feel so self confident when i’m alone but i really do! i am even drowning in the idea of opening a restaurant, doesn’t sound like me at all

i expected myself to be lonely and complaining as usual but nahh, it’s all gone and finally i got that anybody who doesn’t need me enough isn’t worth loving him…hope imma completely get over all this shit before the Great Partying and Resting Season starts

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