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last week

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the last week of school is on and i wud never think that i cud care less haha… just don’t see the point in even going there now! well today and tomorrow’re the last days and i am thinking of gettin my butt outta the bed abd visiting for couple lessons

the week was crazy and so frickin drunk! At first i had a police car chasing me for breaking like all rules at the same time – and i didn’t even pay them although they actually had to take my licence away – i love being semi pretty!

then Andrey’s Bday on Thursday and the first picnic at port, was a really nice night and i’m glad he isn’t mad at me anymore…so that’s where the drinking days started (if they ever stopped for me of course…)

me and Dani got in a little fight so the day after he came with flowers and a heart-shaped baloon – ewwww

 on Friday i woke up with a headache so we just continued drinking with Spirko and Mash Mash, then went to Kirpich… I love our discussions about kids, sex and weddings!

On Saturday i broke my car early in the morning – it just didn’t feel the key and started shouting and then the batter went off – fuck. So i called the parents, waited for them in that damn hot car w/o any way to turn on the conditioner or open doors, when i was feeling i was dying they came up and i just went away leaving everything for them – they are so nice!

Then the crazy part started: we were gonna go to the Sensation White Party but after Mayorova said she cudn’t come we decided to stay in the city so only late in the evening we changed out mind, i got ready during 10 minutes and with wet hair, no make-up and and shoes in hands we jumped on the last bus to Samara….were glad to see Ksusha, cooked carbonara together and then – Sensation. It really was great, better than we expected!

                                                                                                                           SOBER turned to DRUNK pretty fast haha

after the party we decided to take a walk ahah – i felt like we had smooked weed – so fun it was!

Soooo morning in McCafe, the road home, getting ready and another drinking time – Ira’s Bday party

and it’s already Monday and i guess i gotta get up

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