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the 9th of May, the day that simply makes me feel so grateful to anybody who has contributed to our freedom, in any way. simply – thank you all!

I spent the day with the family, grandpa and grandma have come back from Sochi and it was great seing them, yesterday was okay – a day with Spirko then driving Masha, Nastya and Boban to Novik, meeting Katya and the others and driving in the wrong direction on the one way road haha

soo a lil bit more about the weekend – we finally went to Samara to see Ksusha! skipped the studies, got some sleep, i spent the morning hugging Dani then the bus, made us think of how we were going to Samara with Mark…how we spent several hours waiting for him till he’s satisfied with what he sees in the mirror, how i spilt a strawberry yogurt at ma face, how we were running around looking for skateshops…goddamn i miss him sooooo muchhhhh

So we met up with Ksusha and started shopping – i got lilac shoes for the ball of medalists and earrings for prom and of course some stuff in Lush ❤ Subway also made me feel just amazing…then we got some alcohol and went over to Ksusha’s apartment which i loved alot, and there, when we got pretty drunk, i realized how much i love her and spirko. we may not say “darling”, “dear”, “my love”, “awww Ksushechka” and all that stuff that chicks with their brains filled with hearts say to each other but still when we see each other, even once in two months, it just feels so right… it’s not random that even our grannies were friends haha

the next day we woke up pretty early, drank more wine and set off to Leningradka where we did some more shopping, had a great lunch and then i got my precious cell phone stolen =[

But still being with Ksusha was great

Now i guess i gotta go see some fireworks

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