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another spring has come

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i’m realizing how great it is to have a car when u can just wake up, not use a mirror or a hairbrush and just drive  to McDonald’s to have breakfast! feels so goddamn great, that’s what we did today after having woken up together hugging each other. awww! today’s the anniversary for us btw, we’ve been dating for 8 months, don’t even talk about that, just wanna say – i’m so much in love!

 Yesterday ended up to be a great day with me, Dani and Anton driving down to the river to watch the ice melt, i cudn’t even think the weather can be that great! That was lot’s of fun, then we ate shaurma in the car and decided there needs to be a special thing that hold it so that you can both drive and eat!

Then McDonald’s again, new Raspberry shake and shaurma actually go great together, i loved spending couple days together with then laughing at the knife for mayonnaise and forums of people with sexual problems… later on we fixed my bikes and Masha and Nastya came over to continue reading the forums, i cud finally drink some wine and vodka

So Dani stayed over, we spend a cute morning and then picked up Ilya to get some flowers and a cake for his wife who’s getting outta the maternity hospital today – I’m sooo happy for them even though this all still seems weird to me and makes me feel old…

Today’s Easter so i drove up to my parents’ house to spend some time with mom and dad, learning to shoot from the Kalashnikov’s was fun as well so i guess i’ve taken the best from the weekend

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