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sooo here came my birthday

the morning was awesome, Dani’s congrats and getting ready and everything, then i spent pretty much the whooooole day getting my driving license! i must be the first person who had got it in the day of the eighteenth bday which is actually suspicious for every policeman…the procedure was tiring, i just don’t get how normal people spend about a week there standing in the lines!

yeah my photo sucks

then evening with the relatives and family friends, got really drunk with Dasha, hamam at night was amazing, love parents’ home!

So, next morning:

Woke up with Dasha and really really red eyes, turned out ma lovely sis had to work so having pretended we didn’t have any hangover i gave her a ride to work which was really far away, then i had to drive to many different places to get the insurance for the car etc. and at the end of the really busy afternoon i picked up Spirko, Dani and Anton to drive down to my house, they were sorta frightened to ride with me so was i after having almost run into a kopeika haha

And theeere it all began! at first really quiet and then everybody kept coming, it was just me, Dani, Anton, Spirko, Lesha and Anya, Santei, Katya, Masha, Nastya, Lesha, Ilysha and two Iras but it was really just sooo much fun: dancing, running around, singing Katy Perry and Leningrad and especially going down to ham am later, which everybody absolutely enjoyed. So i love them all, the presents were great and the night and the early morning – just swesome!


Woke up in the morning, sleeping in a large house with different sounds from the forest was ehhh interesting, the girls woke up and helped me to finish cleaning then i drove them all home and we laughed so much! There’s actually no use trying to explain how great i celebrated my bday cuz there’s just no words for that, so i better just leave the pics here


Yesterday ended up like a quiet day with Dani, had no energy to go anywhere, today we spent the whooole day in the cafes and going shopping, bought a lot of underwear and bath stuff, yum! now laying on the sofa eating fresh delivered pizza feels so great!


love everybody and thank you all!

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