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P.S. I miss u, already miss u

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Haven’t written in a while and im not sure whether that was the lack of time or simply my laziness…. Well actually now im on a plane from SPB, so i guess this is gonna be posted a lil bit later…

Oh well of course im still under the impression of being at Jane Fire’s, goddamn i love her soooo much, looking on her bracelet on my wrist even makes me wanna cry, i can’t wait to see her in a couple of months again and i hope sooo much she’s gonna come over in summer, Anton wud be as happy as i wud haha!

Jusif and Rustam are also nyashkas and we had suchha great weekend together! I’ve also visited Levan and my sis whose kids are getting more and more adorable! Oh, we also spent the afternoon with Gurik sitting at Pizza Hut and walking in the Gallery, i missed him and all the times associated with him so much! He seems to be doing better, im so happy for him, he hasn’t changed at all ❤

Omg i’ll be thinking only of our time together with the guys for the next week at least, i love them sooo much, just the atmosphere at Jane’s kitchen and Subway or CH are worth flying to SPB every week!

But let’s try to remember what’s been going on since the earthquake in Japan… well the weather in March-April really did suck so it was just making everybody like ughhhhh… Lots of studies as well, i can’t believe im having two weeks off now! Well actually i just skipped last week but whatever… Now it’s the last school break in out lives and in a few weeks it’s all gonna be over…I can’t say im happy about it, of course it’s always a lil bit sad, a lil bit scary to leave school but can’t even express in words how much im dreaming of not ever seing the people i study with, of deleting them from everywhere and not having to text them sometimes to know what’s going on in classes…. it’s not that i hate everybody, not at all! I really do love Ilya, Lesha, Ira, another Ira, Spirko and even Alyssa when she’s silent…But stupid jealous chicks who really do think they are chicks and that everybody’s so interested in their lives and envies them make me wanna throw up, even the sound of their voices always telling smthng like ‘U know what? He knows how i look like now awwww he’s so cool omg Nesterova is gonna be so jealous of us, we’re sooooo cool!’ makes me sick… How happy i am to know that soooo soon imma forget about them and not ever hear about ‘their club life and cool DJs and how pretty they are compared to me – a girl who’s just always jealous about them’ – actually, i wiiiiiishhhhhh they read this haha, well im feeling like making this entry private but ehhhh prolly not gonna happen… Well mustta noticed that there’s no Nastya in my list of ‘not making me wanna kill myself immidiately when they say hey’ – cuz there’s just no Nastya there anymore hah…[the rest is in the closed post, sorry]

But let’s forget about chicks who really do think they are chicks lol My last weeks have been busy but quite enjoyable even thought a had tons of stuff to do and learn…Nevertheless I finished my driving school and have been driving almost every day so i’m doing much better now…I also got rid of everything there was left for me to pass, i have dyed my hair even darker, we have had really good weekends – @ Retrospektiva with Spirko, Sasha – Natasha and all the old company, also drank with Sasha which was cool, we really did miss her stories… Mayorova had been a part of our drunk weekends before she had hit her head for the 4th time and had to stay in the hospital…There were couple good saturdays with Anton, Nastya, Masha, Katya (even @ – remembered all the cool old times). The spring is coming – unsure, but it’s already here…Everything has finally started melting and there’s a whole pool in our basement haha, hope it’s all gonna end up okay, mum is really worried about her lovely house…Dad’s still having problems with his company, im getting worried about him, he works way too much.

What else…Dani is too cute, he made cheesecake and spaghetti carbonara for me last week which was just amazing!

Oh btw im having my 18th bday in 4 days so my worries switched from applying to the university and losing weight to shopping and organizing the parties which is great as i was already turning into a fury lol

So i guess tha’t pretty much it, of course there’s been alot more happening but it’s not really worth writing about after SPB, how people’s appearance may differ from what they really are, how much I love Jane Fire and how im looking forward to normal spring…So we’re about to land and I gotta switch u off, my Mac!

btw, running along Nevskiy holding hands and singing Jingle Bells was absolutely great!

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