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is it ever gonna end?

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Having spent another day studying i start thinking where it all leads? Well, now ive got an average of 10-12 hours per day studying and even on weekend after and during drinking parties (which i btw extremely need to relax) it just slightly reduces, but still i’ve also got driving hours to finish. So actually i’m surprised that i smtms manage to remember that i ought to have a private life…

But going back ti an argument stuck in my head right niw – studying the basics, improving smth to go deeper in this or that branch, trying to remember the basics of smth else and forgetting another thing i’ve once learnt – i’ve almost finished with 11 years of this all. Well let’s be honest, it’s not that i’ve always been a hardworking student, but still, i’ve always been doing enough to stay on top, in everything – why? why can’t i be satisfied with just being the average, ehhh normal let’s say? oh well ambitions, alright, that’s understandable. The good example of my family, the expectations of the ppl around me also play a pretty great role, well w/e. Do i need aaaallll this? perhaps not everything but still let’s say it has all been quite useful. Now i’ve got 6 more years of a brain-fucking experience before i get a major. What’s major? i mean, what does it mean talking from the point of your own understanding? i can say it’s a sort of a step you need to take, yeah of course everybody needs it and we don’t respect smbd who hadn’t made any of those steps that are considered to be essential. It’s becoming less understandablem isn’t it? Then why don’t ppl just give everything up, put it all off and relax? again, ambitions and expectations

sso, it’s all ambitions and expectations

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