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I’m sitting in the cafe skipping studies and having breakfast – it’s soooo great to get a 10-hour sleep and know today u don’t have to do as much as u always have!

Well, let’s remember my weekend… a drinking party with Dani, Anton, Spirko, Katya and Sereja, was fun, i haven’t seen them for ages! well me and Dani got in a fight cuz he got drunk and was rude to me but whatever, sometimes it’s useful actually

Saturday night i spent with the girls, pre party at mine’s then Arena, but the party wasn’t that fun and Mayorova got too drunk and Spirko was being rude, so me and Ira just left for the restaurant where we just spent the rest of the night talking

Then Saturday, i finally started driving again! omg i can’t wait to get my license!!!! Then i was feeling sick so Ilya came over and we spent a nice afternoon watching movies, Tron is a masterpiece!

On Monday i had a Math pre-exam and i sucked but it’s ok, then the whoooole day for myself, lying in the bath with foam and eating cherries, yummy! In the evening Dani came over to make sure everything is okay, he bought a Star Wars book for me, awwww! And he smelled like in August, so many memories…

So this week isn’t gonna be too hard i hope and the spring seems to be somewhere near so let’s dance to joy division ;-]

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