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gettin last resting time

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Omg, the vacation is till the 21st now…that actually sucks cuz there won’t be any time off in spring =[

oh well I’m still trying to do smthng useful, spent 3 hours on history yesterday, went to school today to let them know I’m alive but there wasn’t anybody… Me and Nastya are leaving for Moscow tomorrow night to see everybody from FLEX, I’m really looking forward as usual, have already found a dress for a party, hope we’ll get enough time for shopping as well.

It’s also St. Valentine’s Day on Monday and I’m wondering what Dani’s surprise is gonna look like haha, I hope I’ll manage to make the cake for him…

So, I’m doing pretty much nothing waiting for my sis to call me back, thinking of the plans for further several months – gonna b goddamn busy! Gotta start driving the car to get a license in April, also gonna need couple more private teachers and I’m really waiting for my recovery from pneumonia so that I’ll e able to go to shaping and look semi-better…

Gonna try to clean my apartment and prolly read some more history.

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