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Happy New Year

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So, the 2011 has come. Can’t believe I’m that old, it seems like yesterday when it was New 2000 Year and we were celebrating with our best friends in a small apartment… Now they are sitting downstairs in our huge gorgeous house drinking one of the most expensive whiskeys, well a lit has changed. I grew older as well and I must have changed alot… Now I’m 17, graduating from school in a couple of months, moving to another city for university; I speak english and some german, I get what quantum physics is, I have sex pretty often, I drink pretty much as well; I have a boyfriend, many friends, I have already been all over the world and even as exchange student; I have already lost somebody I used to love and have learnt quite alot about this life…But oh well, sounds boring, so closer to my heart:

I’m not sure why i finally decided to start a blog, well actually I’ve always had a habit of writing down the stuff but it used to be just a diary, I could never start posting anything online, so maybe it’s the time.

Soooo, my senior year is on and is going to be over pretty soon, I haven’t decided much about my career, just about my further education and I’m actually disappointed with myself cuz I’ve always wanted to get to some good university either in Europe or in the US and now I’m staying here but oh well, it’s all bcuz of love and I’m still happy with my decision cuz I’ve already left the one I loved once, I left for the US alone, of course that did make me stronger, more socialized and smart but I’m not sure that it made me much happier so I guess the time to settle down is coming, I’ve had enough relationships and if Dani is the one I love and I will always be with, then I’m lucky! If not, cuz we never know what may happen – then it’s never too late to start everything again and again…Anyway, I still believe I’ll leave for a better country eventually and I hope we’re gonna do that together…

I’ve lived alone for several months, my parents moved to a bigger house… I did want to be alone of course cuz I can party and have sex at anytime I want and the bathroom is always just mine which is great but of course sometimes I feel lonely, especially during last weeks when I was sick with pneumonia and was just laying in the bed for days. I love my parents alot even though we have always had quarrels; they are great people, very smart and just great….

Feel like writing about my trips and traveling experiences but don’t really have words that can express everything huh

Well it’s time to be devoted to history now so I really do hope I’m gonna keep this blog

Have a nice evening, Jenny and the party downstairs!

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